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American Holocaust

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Vietnam:American Holocaust

US history textbooks are replete with accounts of the so-called “Cold War" but few actually delve into the inconvenient truth of just how many were killed “defending freedom and democracy” in the name of “anti-Communism”.

Vietnam: American Holocaust is an 87 minute documentary - narrated by Martin Sheen - that very effectively weaves together official policies of the United States with actual recordings of President Johnson, Kennedy, Defense Secretary McNamara, and several other high-level US policy decision makers. Starts with the history of the conflict from WWII, into the defeat of the French occupation, and to how the American people were lied into the conflict in the Gulf of Tonkin. Includes testimony from soldiers and Vietnamese. Also explores the role the United States played in supporting and propping up the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the 1960's.

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