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A little known part of the history of the Arlington West Memorial at Santa Monica was our journey across the United States in 2005.....

Arlington West On The Road. A traveling memorial for the fallen soldiers of the US war in Iraq to visit college campuses across the country April 4th - May 17th 2005.

WHO: Veterans For Peace Los Angeles Chapter members Marcus Eriksen, a Marine Corp veteran of the US Persian Gulf War against Iraq in 1991, and April Fitzsimmons, a former Air Force Intelligence Analyst are taking Arlington West to college campuses across the country.

WHAT: Arlington West, a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Iraq war, is traveling to 10 universities in the United States to display a memorial that has been set up every Sunday in Santa Monica, California since February 15th, 2004. 1000 white, wooden crosses will be placed in a grass area of each campus as well as a photo display of 1000 military service men and women who have died since the start of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. There will also be literature available from the VA and from the Vet Centers for returning veterans of this war.

The Mission Statement of Arlington West is to: honor the fallen and the wounded provide a place to grieve to acknowledge the human cost of war to encourage dialogue among people with varied points of view and to educate the public about the needs of those returning from war. The students and the public are invited to view this free exhibit. Volunteers are welcome to participate.

 Career US Army soldier asks, 
Why am I carrying an M-16
in the Garden of Eden?