Memorial Day, May 29th-31st 2010

Let's remember: this holiday is not Armistice Day, or Armed Forces Day, or the birthday of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine....It's Memorial Day.

It is a day to mourn ALL who have died in war. A day to remember ALL the victims, the vast majority of whom are our brothers and sisters who, by an accident of birth, were born on the receiving end of the bombs and the occupations. Mourn them. If you march, carry a sign saying so.

Mourn our comrades. Mourn the dead and the wounded. Mourn for our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who've come back a shell of their former selves, dehumanized because of what they were witness to or participated in.

But this day we mourn more than our own military dead. Yes, we are veterans, but we are also VETERANS FOR PEACE.

Abolish war and all the mourning it causes.

Memorial Day Weekend at Arlington West Santa Monica

Volunteers will begin the setup of Arlington West Memorial on Saturday morning, May 29th at 0700 hours. Preparation for a candle-lit vigil on Sunday evening on May 30th will begin 4 hours before sunset on Sunday afternoon (weather permitting). Candles will be lit beginning at sunset.

Arlington West Santa Monica will be availble for viewing until 1600 hours on Monday, May 31st when we will commence with the take down of the memorial.

new Santa Monica Weather Conditions

Please check the LOCAL WEATHER REPORT for Santa Monica before arriving. High wind warnings may be in effect from time to time.

See the National Weather Service web site for Santa Monica weather conditions.

new Parking Information

PLEASE NOTE: a PARKING PASS is REQUIRED in the lower beach level parking lot or on the pier parking area. You MUST purchase a parking pass from the parking lot attendant by 8am. If you arrive prior to 8am and there is no attendant on duty yet, you must purchase your Parking Pass by 8am when there is a parking attendant on duty or they will issue tickets.

Daily rates for parking on the pier - or in the beach level area parking lot - typically run between $7 to $10 (depending on the season) for an all day parking permit. These parking areas are patrolled by Parking Enforcement and cars DO get ticketed if no pass is displayed on the dash of your car.

Parking is always FREE on some city streets on Sundays and official holidays. Parking on Main Street in front of City Hall, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Streets are generally good areas to find spots if you arrive early in the day. Read the parking signs carefully.

The setting up and taking down of the memorial is a monumental task! Volunteers are welcome to come and participate in this endeavor. To volunteer, simply come and introduce yourself. We are located on the north side of the pier at Santa Monica.

We ask that volunteers read and understand the Arlington West Mission Statement and the Veterans For Peace Statement of Purpose. Call us if you would like information about getting to Santa Monica to volunteer with us:
TEL #:  310-398-0056
TEL #:  310-339-1770

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Areas Where Your Assistance Is Needed

Assistance is needed in preparing the beach for proper use of the memorial. Clearing debris in and around the perimeter and confines of the memorial, sweeping the boardwalk, proper positioning and alignment of the indivdual markers, installing the picture boards, setting up information table canopies, are all areas where we can use your help. Please be mindful that Veterans For Peace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are required to be non-partisan and non-sectarian. We do not advocate for political party candidates or for one religion or another.

Arlington West is a project of Veterans For Peace, an organization that has chapters nationwide. Arlington West Santa Monica is maintained by the volunteers and members of the Los Angeles Chapter of Veterans For Peace.

As always, the Los Angeles Chapter of Veterans For Peace strives to maintain the memorial in all manners respectful of those we've lost and the loved ones they leave behind.

Come by our information table at any time during these special days for educational literature, books, and videos. The Arlington West Film, a powerful and moving documentary about this project, is a video that takes the experience of the memorial off the beach and into your home, church meeting, or classroom. Representing a typical day at Arlington West, the Arlington West Film includes a broad range of perspectives on war and peace.

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